Testimonials from our loyal customers!

Karen L

I'm giving this place 5 stars because of their Texas Tornado Melt. I honestly didn't have high hopes for this pub, but figured I'd give it a try. The melt was delicious. I highly recommend it if you come here. My friend had a tuna melt and liked it a lot as well.

Renee M.

Was just here Sunday, had to come back. The food here is delicious. Best batter fried mushrooms ever. The fried haddock also very delicious.

Aaron E.

Hand dipped chicken strips were delightful and light. My bride enjoyed her fish and we all liked the curds. Had to roll me out after eating all that fried food though. Service was also good. Never an empty glass at the table.

Misty M.

Great nachos, everything i have tried i have liked, the food is consistently good the atmosphere is relaxing the staff is very friendly fast and courteous the prices are good for the amount of food that you get!

Dave A.

I've been here several more times since the first and I continue to be very satisfied with this place. Great food, friendly staff. Try the one pound burger!

Sean W.

Great spot for a great time!

Jon J.

Burgers are always the best.

Jeremiah B.

Relaxing and great service.

Joe V.

Great place to go.

Nikki D.

Food was tasty and service was fast. Nice to be able to enjoy such food within the general amount of time most get for lunch. Staff was friendly and engaging. I look forward to going there again.

Dave K.

Great food, great service and good surroundings. Their menu has a lot of variety and it's all good. Try it, you'll like it!

Josh H.

Glynner's is the place to be! The food is off the chain and the service is always spectacular. I frequent the place every time I'm in town because it's the taste of Rochester. Other places have come and gone and claimed to be the taste of Rochester but only Glynner's can claim the title. Reasonably priced, fast and delicious food. You won't be sorry you tried.

Plus free popcorn while you wait or if you just want a beer.

Sierra M.

I love this place its my favorite restaurant!!! if your looking for family friendly or if your a sports fan ! Which I am not a huge sports fan but I love the casual friendly environment!!! This is the place its definitely a hole in the wall but the food does not disappoint!!!! I love the staff and atmosphere I highly recommend this place if your not wanting dress too fancy but want really great food!!! If your a huge sports fan.
This is the place to go!!!

Charolette S.

I've lived in Rochester a long time and I have never been to Glenard's Pub before. A friend and I went there for lunch one day and the food was fantastic! My friend had a bacon cheeseburger, I had the philly steak sandwich, and we had the Onion rings as an appetizer. The onion rings were big, crisp, and tasty. The steak sandwich was hands down one of if not the best in Rochester and I've tried a lot of steak sandwiches from different places. The bacon cheeseburger and fries were also delicious. This Pub is definitely under rated. The staff was friendly and the service was well paced. Definitely recommend for great bar/comfort food.

Fish J.

Very friendly staff and excellent fish n' chips! I was wanting that very thing and happy that another reviewer mentioned the fish n' chips here were great.