Happy Hour:

Rail Drinks, House Wine, AND Bud Light and Michelob Golden Draft Light (16 oz) for only $3.00 each!

Daily from 4:00 - 6:00

Today's Homemade Soup:

Vegetable Beef | White Chicken Chili

- Our hearty soup of the day is made with tender beef and veggies before its seasoned just right.
- Glynner's famous signature White Chicken Chili is made with grilled chucks of chicken, white northern beans, onions, and our own special blend of chilis, fresh herbs & seasonings.

Battered Mushrooms


- Hand dipped, Guinness beer battered, deep fried mushrooms served with our own house sauce...available for a limited time!

Have you tried our Double Decker Wings!?


- Our famous chicken wings fried and seasoned with Cajun and drenched in Buffalo sauce. Then we char-broil them to add a little flare! Served with celery and your choice of sauce. On the menu all day, everyday!